Infrastructure Preservation and Rehabilitation

Ypsilon Contractors AS (LLC) is a specialist engineering contractor in Asset Preservation and Rehabilitation. Our expertise is engineered solutions using modern technology to provide corrosion protection, concrete rehabilitation, glass reinforced plastics, water proofings & linings and thermal insulation. Our clients are the private and public sectors in Norway.

We provide rehabilitation services for;

  • Bridges and road infrastructure
  • Quay and port facilities
  • Pipeline fundaments and dams
  • Parking garages
  • Guardrail constructions
  • Facades and balconies

Concrete Rehabilitation
Concrete provide strength and stability to structural members of buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, sewerage treatment plants, wharfs, etc. Therefore it is very important to protect concrete and any deterioration or damage to concrete must be repaired promptly in order not to compromise the integrity of structures built with concrete. Concrete rehabilitation specially in critical infrastructures is as important as any other maintenance activity and must be carried out in a timely manner.

Repairs performed at early stage would save extremely expensive remediations that may become necessary at latter stages. Deterioration of concrete can be broadly categorised into cracking, spalling and corrosion. There are several causes for concrete deterioration and the main cause can either be carbonation or chloride induced corrosion of steel reinforcements or both. Rehabilitation or repair involves the removal of deteriorated, damaged or defective concrete and then carrying out an appropriate repair procedure. Recommended repair procedures for controlling reinforcement corrosion are classified as follows:

  • Patch repair system using an epoxy or cementitious  repair mortar;
  • Moisture barrier system (protective coating);
  • Coating of steel reinforcement;
  • Cathodic protection, chloride extraction and re-alkalisation systems;
  • Crack repair (epoxy/chemical/cementitious grout injection)

Corrosion Protection
Corrosion costs Norwegian industry billions every year. Corrosion comes in many forms and has many causes but can affect all structures whether they are steel, concrete or other ferrous or non-ferrous metals. When corrosion strikes the results can be costly to repair, catastrophic when structural integrity is imperiled and in some cases risk environmental disaster.

Safety, Quality and Environment
By the nature of infrastructure assets, important considerations are often public safety, community disruption or environmental impact.  Our experience  and systemic approach ensures all aspects of the project are actively managed. Safety and quality underpins everything that we do. To this end, we operates within an Integrated Management System with dedicated staff committed to maintaining the system in line with the latest industry demands.

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